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It hardly matters whether you are a jumbo-sized business or a small startup; communication is the backbone of your existence. Through your marketing strategy, you need to connect with the right customers at the right time. According to statistics, only 20% of people remember what they have read somewhere and only 10% remembered what they heard. On the contrary, more than 80% of people remembered what they saw. You don’t need to be an expert to ‘see’ that visual contents communication is 60,000 times faster than any other form of communication.

Here is a list of 10 types of visual contents that can help you get across to your customers swiftly:


  1. Videos

Videos are one of the most influential tools that you can use to reach your customers. A video clicks into the viewer’s mind right away and is least the time-consuming alternative to convey something. The impact of video content is evident from the fact that51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

  1. Presentations

Presentations are no longer boardroom phenomenon but have become a common form of data sharing on various social media platforms. Stats say that audience engagement levels are highest (92%) if the content is presented using PPT. PPT slides can be used to narrate ideas, data, instructions, etc.

  1. GIFs

GIFs are used by around 33% websites according to a report by W3Tech. The GIFs can be used to provide a quick show of functions and features of a product to users by putting the product in a loop. This is a more effective way to display your product as compared to a still image. After all, a GIF is worth a thousand words.

  1. Infographics

Infographics are one of the smartest available tools for presentation of numbers and data. Viewing a well-designed infographic is much more engaging than a boring pile of data. Highly popular on social media, the likes and shares for Infographics on social media are 3X greater than other content types.

  1. Striking Images and Photos

The good old still picture is still a valuable tool to engage customers. Picture-based search has been in great demand. It is evident from the fact that the posts on Facebook with images witness 2.3X more levels of engagement than on posts without images. Image-based search engines such as Pinterest have produced more traffic as compared to keyword-based search engines.

  1. Visual Blogging

The old-school blogging has evolved into visual blogging that entails using a combination of visual content such as still images, GIFs, and infographics to enhance post virality. A typical post majorly includes visual content supported by the text.

  1. Interactive white papers

White papers and eBooks is quite an information-heavy medium, which is the reason why they are less popular among audiences with short attention spans. But for audiences looking to delve deeper into topics, market investigation reports, guides, checklists, etc. it can be employed to provide a great learning experience. Around 78% of B2B buyers demand whitepapers for their visual content strategy.

  1. Graphical Data

Graphical data combines charts, diagrams, graphs, etc. to simplify the process of understanding hard data. The Graphical data is best to express trends and patterns because a research says that more than 40% people respond better and get a clear idea of content graphically.

  1. Screenshots

Screenshots can be utilized to highlight certain things in particular and to provide clarification about something important to the audience. These can include customer reviews, feedback, testimonials or opinions about the products or services. In research carried out by an online group, the decision of almost 90% buyers regarding the purchase of a product was influenced by screenshots of positive feedbacks.

  1. Memes and comics

Make your customers laugh and they are more likely to stay with you. Memes and comics have emerged as a popular medium to provide information in a light-hearted manner. Stats say that “Memes” are more popular search term than “Jesus”.

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